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Locked down isn’t the same as locked up.

Posted by Joy & Co Chartered Certified Accountants on 31st May 2020

There’s no doubt that the current COVID-19 crisis has affected us all to one extent or another. Other than the obvious worries over our health, the next biggest concern is arguably job losses and the pursuant loss of income.

However, rather than be all "doom and gloom" about the situation, this might be the perfect opportunity to start the business that you’ve always wanted. If you’re on furlough then chances are you have time on your hands and you’re still receiving 80% of your salary. But do you love your job enough to go back to it once we’re given the all clear? Maybe the job won’t even be there if your employer doesn’t make it through the crisis.

Even if you’ve never thought of working for yourself, is it really such an outlandish idea? The one thing this crisis has shown as is that there’s no such thing as job security. So rather than leaving your fortunes in somebody else’s hands how about taking control of your own destiny?

You may be thinking that there’s nothing that you know or can do that anybody would pay for, but is that really true? If you’ve built a career over a number of years then it is almost certain that you have skills that can be turned into a trade.

Instead of thinking "but I’m only a typist" how about thinking "I can type 80 words a minute!" and then thinking of people who might need that service. Your employer knows your worth or else you wouldn’t have your job, so why not let the rest of the world know it too? You might think that being a bookkeeper is as dull as dirt but what about being a selfemployed bookkeeper with your own portfolio of clients? (Take it from me - good bookkeepers are like gold dust!) You might be a whizz with spreadsheets, or an ace researcher. If you have built a career over a number of years then you are sitting on a wealth of experience that can be turned into gold. There is no point in being the world’s best kept secret.

Right now we’re all in lock down but that doesn’t mean we’re locked up! We are free to start something new whether it’s a new hobby or a new business. We just have to think outside the box as to how to do it in the current climate. When you’re in a crisis what will be will be - but the optimist will have a much better time of it. Your mindset will play a big part in how you make it through this pandemic so aim to thrive. You never know, you just might do so.

You’re reading this on an accountant’s website so if you’ve got this far I’m obviously going to tell you about Joy & Co. At Joy & Co we love start ups and we love helping them to succeed. We were a startup ourselves once so we know how exciting and scary it can be.We can steer you through all the tax and accountancy palaver so that’s one less thing to worry about. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Get in touch today for a free initial consultation.

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