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One of the ways we devised our working practices was to listen to what clients said they disliked about previous accountants in order to ensure that we avoided making the same mistakes. Below are the three top complaints and how we aim to be different by avoiding them.

“I can never get hold of my accountant” – We make a point of ensuring that you're able to easily reach us. To that end, as well as providing a land line number, there is also a mobile number for when you're really determined to chase us down! If you ring and encounter the answering machine please do leave a message as we endeavour to return all clients’ phone calls within two hours. In addition we aim to respond to all e-mails by close of business on the same day.

“I couldn't believe the last bill my accountant sent me !” – As an alternative to the traditional time-based method of charging we actively encourage clients to take advantage of our fixed fees. The fee includes free telephone advice and as it's agreed in advance you know exactly what to expect. Fees are then payable by monthly standing order so that you are able to budget each month and are not landed with an invoice at the end of the year. Every year your bills are reviewed so that the following year's payments can be adjusted up or down as appropriate.

“My accountant isn't proactive - he doesn't take care of me” – At Joy & Co we aim to do more than just draw up your accounts and file your tax returns (although we will do only that if you want). We aim to get to know both you and your business so as to provide a more personalised service. By finding out what your concerns are, we are able to be much more proactive in suggesting ways to structure your business and personal affairs to both maximise your income and minimise your tax bill.

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