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At Joy & Co we understand that as a business owner you did not go into business because of a love of accounting and taxation. You would, quite rightly, much rather spend your time realising your dreams and running your business.

As business owners however, tax and accountancy are unavoidable - either as a result of having to satisfy HM Revenue and Customs and possibly Companies House or to ensure that you have up to date management information to help you run your businesses effectively.

Likewise, the advent of Self Assessment has forced tax to the forefront for a number of individuals when previously it was just something that was frowned at when you received your weekly or monthly payslips.

Now you have to ensure that you have detailed records to fill in an annual tax return and calculate your tax liability after navigating your way through a maze of rules and regulations.

Our aim is to remove this burden, thereby freeing up your time and enabling you as a business owner to give your business the time and attention it deserves and you as an individual the peace of mind to get on with living your life.

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